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Taxi Service Sierre and Regions Anniviers, Chippis, Granges, Grône, Réchy, Vercorin, Briey, Crans-Montana, Flantey, Corin, Chalais …

Plate : VS 101 181

Phone : +41 76 418 39 60
Email: info@taxisierre3960.ch
Case postale 249
3960 Sierre (Valais )


Do not hesitate to contact me for more information about my information.

“Fast and punctual service for loyal customers, I recommend it without worry.”

Olivier, Sion

“Cool and friendly person, nice and fluid transport.”

Mike, Sierre

“The leg in the cast, I could not drive for my consultations.
Nice service, thank you very much. “

Stéphane, Chalais

“My vehicle broke down.To the time of the repair, Taxi3960 ma repaired several days to go to work, it was nickel ‘.”

Julien, Sierre

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Rue de Maison Rouge 27

3960 Sierre (Valais)



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